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2011-08-16 01:55:27 by awtron

I'm back doing Newgrounds I missed this! :D


2010-01-23 17:41:20 by awtron


Living Over Losing (L.O.L)

2009-12-24 20:54:50 by awtron

Me and my brother made an Electonic/Pop band called Living Over Losing!
our rough cut of our first song is call ...I AM... and its in my music submissions!

Remember its a rough cut so its not anywhere near finalized!

We are also working on a 3 or 4 song EP called

Heres the artwork!

Living Over Losing (L.O.L)


2009-12-20 22:29:02 by awtron


AVATAR is amazing. Go see it in THREE D's

Dead Rising 2

2009-12-12 21:20:13 by awtron

So I am a HUGE fan of Dead Rising, and I happen to actually like the save system (although ocasionally frustrating) but from what I've heard is that Capcom is not using the old save system and implementing a new one! So i got to thinking... How much different is it gonna be? Will there still be RPG elements and a leveling system?

Dead Rising 2

The Evil Dead Remake?!

2009-12-03 15:02:13 by awtron

Well, I guess Sam Raimi is remaking his own movie? I have mixed feelings about this, hmmm...
Heres the IMDB page


Oh yeah! and I'm going to start making flashes once I get better and make something worthy of Newgrounds!

Where the Wild Things Are is an amazing movie in my opinion go see it! I can't wait until can get it in Blu-Ray because that movie is beautiful!

Where the Wild Things Are! + Pumpkin!

Ok, well I've been really lazy lately and not making any new music but now I'm doing it again so Please Rate and comment it!!!! Oh and it came out a while ago but INGLOURIOUS BASTERDS IS AMAZING I've seen it 3 TIMES!! :D

Watchmen Blu-Ray Directors Cut

2009-07-23 12:08:27 by awtron

I picked up my copy of The Watchmen Blu-Ray Directors Cut and holy crap, it is amazing. The 24 minutes of additional footage are really fantastic and the video and audio quality are unmatched. I have not yet watched the new Maximum Viewing mode but I'm sure it will be great!

My Brothers Movie

2009-07-17 15:17:40 by awtron

I have just finished making the music to my brothers new action movie! I'll post the youtube video here when all the finished touches are made on the movie. The movie is a short fast paced action movie with sweet special effects. So keep checking in to see if I've posted it yet!